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Girls Day Out

September 4, 2010

I got in the car early this morning and made the trip to Lafayette to spend the day with my sister and mom.  And to disappoint you right from the start, I will let you know that I carried my camera around with me all day and didn’t take one photo.  I’m pretty good at this picture taking thing lately. Ha!

We started off at the farmer’s market and it was bustling with shoppers by the time we got there.  My sister picked up some flowers and my mom got some goodies too…I admired all the doggies that were out at the market this morning.  Honestly, sometimes I would pick being stuck in a room full of dogs rather than a room full of people…I guess that’s why I’m posting here on the internet on a Saturday night and chatting on gmail with my husband…who is right in the other room.  Oh.

We spent the rest of the day walking around downtown and going into the little shops we never got around to visiting before.  I spent the first 23 years of my life in Lafayette, Indiana and can’t say that I spent any time at all in the downtown area.  There are quite a few little antique and specialty shops that are totally cute and perfect.  I’m sure I’ll make the trip back soon when I’m in the money-spending mood.

We ate lunch at the Red Seven and I had to admire their beautiful decor.  Oh, and the food was awesome!

Today was a great day with the girls!  We need to make time in our schedules to get together more often, that’s for sure.  Moms and sisters are the best!

Home Ec Update:

My sister requested a pink apron and a pink apron is what she got!

Sorry for the poor-quality photos.  I always sew at night and the lighting is never ideal, so I’ve just been grabbing the point&shoot camera!

Look how cute she looks in it!  And nothing like a nice glass of wine while working in the kitchen!

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