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Just in Time

May 31, 2010

This long weekend came right when I needed it.  Work was starting to get a little tedious and I had been longing for an extra day off for weeks!  Overall it was a nice weekend.  We didn’t go anywhere, but that’s not really our thing.  I wouldn’t have minded maybe sticking my toes in a sandy beach somewhere, but maybe that will happen this summer.

We did get to spend a little extra time with Chad’s family, part of which will be soon leaving us for Nashville.  *insert sad face here*  Chad’s brother got a new job, so he and his family (w/ one more little one on the way!  Due in July!) will be moving to Tennessee in the near future.  It will be weird since we are all used to getting together quite a bit…but we’ll just have to dust off that GPS and hit the road for a visit once they all get settled.

And after a long two three week hiatus from working out, I’ve got back to the grind this weekend.  I was sick a couple weeks ago…and that’s my excuse for not working out for almost a month.  It’s not a very good excuse.  I’ve also decided that I’m going to quit drinking soda (or pop…for all of you that don’t say it right).  I have one more Coke in the fridge and after that I’m done.  So if I sound kind of stabby and rage-y in the next couple of weeks it will be the caffeine withdrawals getting the best of me.  I think I’m already starting to get a headache just thinking about it.

Poor, lonely Coke…I will miss you dearly.

So is it bad that I got popsicles at the store this week?  They are SUGAR FREE!!  And it’s summertime (can you believe it?!)…popsicles are a summertime staple in my opinion.  Keep your judgy thoughts to yourself.  You know you want a popsicle.

Now it’s time for movie night with the husband.  Soaking up the last few hours of the long weekend.

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