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Easter is all about…the cupcakes.

April 5, 2010

We had a nice Easter…mostly because the weather was cooperative and we were able to spend some quality time in the sunshine.  I really don’t know how anyone can enjoy Indiana winters.  There is nothing fun or pleasant about gray skies, brown grass, and ICE.  Ice makes it hard to drive to Target…THE HORROR.  Winter sucks.  I am loving this spring weather.  Loving it.  I’ve even been enjoying my first week of Couch to 5K.  Sure my legs feel like a million stabby things are stabby stabbing them all over, but the SUNSHINE!

You know what else I like to do on holidays?  Bake.  And what’s better than “a small cake designed to serve one”??  Well the answer to that is obviously NOTHING!  So I set out Sunday afternoon to make some Easter cupcakes.  Chad requested carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  For a guy that doesn’t like sweets, he sure is demanding.  But how could I refuse?  I mean, carrot cake…carrots…healthy, right??  RIGHT??

I really love baking much to the delight of my father-in-law.  He said he had three of my Easter cupcakes on Sunday, which meant he had SIX, which is awesome.

I guess it is a little weird that I love baking so much since I don’t really crave baked goods  that often (now ice cream is another story) and my exercise-obsessed husband won’t eat more than one cupcake whenever I make them.  ONE!  Who is supposed to eat the other 23 cupcakes?  Sadly, they normally end up in the trash if we don’t pawn them off on my father-in-law.

There is something about baking that is so therapeutic and relaxing to me.  I have fond memories of baking with my grandma when I was younger.  Every holiday we would make sugar cookies from scratch (no, cookie dough should not come in a tube) and we would decorate for hours until each cookie looked too pretty to eat.

So I spent two hours on Easter in my baking therapy session, hoping everyone would enjoy my cupcakes as much as I enjoyed making them…

Chad didn’t like the sprinkles.  His heart is cold.  He probably likes winter.

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