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Giant Fail.

March 26, 2010

So Chad and I went to see the property we had been “eyeing” to start up our big plan.  Giant, huge, disappointing fail.  The commercial section of the property was in bad shape…like really bad.  BAD!  The apartments were actually in decent shape, which made our decision even harder.  Ultimately, we decided we would be in a better position to carry out these plans with more of a cushion in our savings, so we still plan on opening a skate shop, but maybe in a couple years.  Bummer.

In better news, after deciding against our big plans, we went out for ice cream…nom.

And in other news…how freaking creepy is this picture??

If you are looking at this picture thinking, “yes, this picture is creepy, but why?  I can’t pinpoint it!”  Well, let me tell you why.  That dog has HUMAN EYES.  I do not know this for a fact but LOOK AT THEM.  This picture makes me want to projectile vomit.  You can thank me for sharing it with you!

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