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And then there were cats…

March 17, 2010

We made our way over to Chad’s parent’s house last night as we will be “house-sitting” for a week while they vacation in Florida.  It must be nice to be retired…only 40 more years to go for me.  Right around the corner, right?

So house-sitting probably isn’t the right term to use in this case.  Really, we are cat-sitting, because they have 20 + outdoor cats *gasp*.  Feeding time is terrifying.  Around 6:00 every evening they start to get a little restless out there as their tummies start to grumble.  They sit in the windows, waiting and staring you down until you give in and go outside to feed them.

They have a little barn that houses all the cat troughs (yes…troughs).

Not everyone has survived “feedin’ time” as you can see by the blood-spattered wall.  Heh…I’m kidding, hopefully.  It’s complete chaos for the next 6 days.  We love it.

I should probably point out here (because I sense some confusion) that you are not actually watching an episode of Hoarders.  We have not found any dead cat carcasses in the living room.

*Edited to add:  Hoarders makes my husband dry heave.  I often tell him I will make him watch it if he doesn’t start loving me more.*

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